WHY IS THE ADDRESS WHICH WE ARE WRITING ABOUT ( A DEFAULT INTERNET PROTOCOL ADDRESS?, the default Internet Protocol address, is employed on private networks by means of a Linksys router. Also, it can be employed by other devices which are connected to private networks (meaning that they are restricted to the Linksys system). There are some other default addresses which are frequently used, some of them being as well as, but they are reserved for private use by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Thus, the primary aim of this default address for Linksys is providing an address for network administrator or the end-user so as to be linked to the router of the network and to carry out a configuration or some administration functions for the said network.

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The address is usually employed for accessing the webpage of the Linksys router setup. Thus, the end-users usually log onto this page so as to change or set up the wireless safety mode, or to change and set up the network name (or SSID), as well as to change or set up the key for the network security.


These are the steps we are to undertake to access the said setup:

  1. It is necessary to switch on the LinkSys router. After that, you should link the PC with the router by way of an Ethernetcable (this should be done in one of the total of 4 Ethernet ports which can be found in the back or the rear of the piece of equipment). It is relevant to take be aware that a Linksys router call for connecting to the router by employing the Ethernet technique– in other words, take care not to support the link by way of broadband or
  2. Start the web browser of the computer. After that, type in into the address bar of the browser and push the Return or the Enter key. Many users type 192.168.l.1 or 192.168.l.0 and this doesn’t launch the admin web page, so be careful.
  3. Type in the username and the password which you had set already for use on the router. In the case that you are employing a brand new router or failed to alter the factory default settings, then the default username for a recent Linksys router is the following: blank or no entry for the username and, the password being admin.
  4. The menu option Wireless should now be clicked. After that, the “Configuration View” should be set to “Manual” with the purpose of seeing the network name (or the SSID) used by the broadband network which you are using.
  5. Pick the menu option “Wireless Security.” Take note of the “Security Mode” as well as the “Passphrase” being used on the network. In the case that they are not set, they can be entered at that moment. In fact, newer models of Linksys routers will ask you to enter 4 passphrases for the network. The, the “TX Key” entry is bound to correspond with the passphrase which is active on the network. Note that the passphrases are case sensitive for Linksys wireless networks are case sensitive, as opposed to pure Windows apps.
  6. The last step is logging out of the router menu for setting up and then disconnect the computer from your router.

The default address which is our topic – – also has another purpose, that being the resetting of the Linksys router to its factory defaults. Why does this need arise? Usually when it happens that a specific end-user has forgotten his or her network passphrase or the router passphrase or login. Also it can be the case that there are constant router issues which need to be resolved. So how is this done? These are the steps.

  1. You need to locate the button for a reset which can be found on the router back or rear. When you find the button, press it for ten seconds (this is valid for an 802.11N supported Linksys device) or thirty seconds for router which are of an older date – and the device needs to be switched on. When the router indication lights are turned back on (the lights for the Internet, the Power light and the WLAN light), then you can let go of the button.
  2. Use an Ethernet cable in order to establish a link between the router and the computer. The majority of Linksys routers have as many as 4 Ethernet ports which can be found on the back of the said device located, and next to the button for reset. In fact, the Ethernet cable is inserted into any port.
  3. Then start the web browser of the computer you are using. In case you are working on a Mac, there have been issues with the browser called Opera and its linking to a Linksys router. If this happen, just switch to Mozilla Firefox in order to set upa good connection with the router.
  4. After the third step, you need to enter (not 192.168.l.1 or 192.168.l.0) into the address bar of the web browser, and after that, select the “enter” or the “return” key. The result is that the page for the Linksys router setup will be displayed. To end this step, type in “admin” for the login name (or no name, depending on the router’s age) while the passphrase is “admin.”
  5. The last step is as follows: you need to continue with the setup to the Linksys router I order to establish a network name (or SSID), an encryption type, as well as passwords for the network.

The mentioned default IP address has another purpose, expect as quoted above. It is also used for taking careful measured for home network safety. In point of fact, while hurrying to obtain a home wireless network, a number of users skip the necessary steps which need to be carried out in the purpose of establishing basic wireless network safety. There are some newer models of routers which more or less compelend-users to carry out a procedure of setting up network safety, but many do not have this safety measure installed. What you need to do to set up a wireless home safety is the following:

  • You first need to alter the router’s default username as well as password. A great number of users of PCs presume that the routers they are using at home are secure and that no one can access them without the proper network password. However, it is a fact that there is considerable vulnerability in use and if router logins and passwords are set to default settings, then the setup configuration menu can make use of the address IP and even change the settings. Therefore it is recommended to change the default IP into another one from the same IP range. Just make sure not to enter 192.168.l.1 or 192.168.l.0. It is the most common mistake you can do and which can cause you troubles and waste your time.
  • You need to set up a unique SSID or network name. Routers like Linksys as well as some other ones will have a default SSID which is shown to the users located within the device’s range and which is usually “linksys.” To know the SSID of a network is sure to be a great deal of help to all those who wish to force an entry into our network. However, it is possible to alter the SSID by way of the router setup page which must not include the the default corporate name.
  • Now switch on the wireless network safety. It is important to pick the most powerful encryption form which has the support of all the wireless devices located in our homes. In fact, the safety type is chosen in the menu of the wireless router configuration. In the case that you have selected the WEP standard, make sure that you have established a routine for changing the password (usually a monthly routine is the best for most people) if it should happen that your password was cracked.
  • Think about facilitating MAC address filtering, as every device which can be connected to a network has a physical or MAC address. In fact, wireless routers have the ability to track and employ a MAC address for the purpose of filtering network access. This can help to add an additional layer of safety, although it must not be the single means of network safety which is being used. MAC filtering can be more effective if it is combined with wireless encryption.
  • The next step is turning off the SSID Broadcast. A number of wireless routers give the option of automatically broadcasting the SSID at regular intervals. However, this may boost the chance that someone undesirable can try to get access. We know those people as well as devices which will be linking to our home network so the network name can be provided for users for configuration of the device. Also, they ought to be disabled on the setup page of the Linksys router.
  • It is best to steer clear of auto-linking in order to unlock wireless networks. In fact, this step has nothing to do with the use of for the configuring of the wireless router, although hit can be important. As a matter of fact, if there is a network which is open and you link to that instead of the network you usually use, the result can be an exposing of the home network as well as the wireless device to an additional safety risk. It is best to disconnect manually after accepting a link to an open network, as this will help put off future links.
  • Switch on the router’s firewall as well as all the computers on the network. You can configure the firewall on a Linksys router by way of the configuration panel. By switching this firewall as well as all the firewalls of the clients which are using the computers which have access to the network are sure to guarantee that the network as well as the individual PCs have protection against network intruders.

Now when you have read about some specific networking tasks, the use of, and why you should take care not to type 192.168.l.1 or 192.168.l.0 – it is time to learn something about Internet Protocol Addresses.

The Internet Protocol (and its most common abbreviation is the IP) is the method or protocol that is applied to transfer data which is located on the Internet from one computer to another one. That is to say, each and every PC (or in other words, the host) that is connected to the Internet has at least one IP address which tells it apart it from the other computers that are also connected to the Internet. In addition, when information is transmitted or being received (such as for example an e-mail or even a Web page), the message is divided into little chunks of information which are dubbed packets. In effect, each packet has the receiver’s and the sender’s Internet addresses. Additionally, each packet is primarily sent to what is called a gateway computer that has the ability to make out a small part of the Internet. After that, the gateway computer proceeds to interpret the address known as the destination one, advancing the packet to something named an adjacent gateway. This gateway in turn continues to interpret the destination address on the Internet up until the gateway I able to identify the packet, thereby considering that the packet is part of a PC within its vicinity. Following this, the gateway continues to advance the packet directly to the address which is specified on the computer.

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Because each and every message consists of packets, each packet must be able, if so necessary, to be transmitted by a distinctive Internet path way. As it happens, these packets are delivered differently in comparison with how they were transmitted, as the Internet Protocol serves only for conveying messages. There is another type of protocol which is named the Transmission Control Protocol (or TCP in short)which serves for putting the messages in the right kind of order.

In general, the IP is what is called a link less or connectionless procedure or protocol, which simply means there is no permanent connection which links those end points entering into interaction or communication. Thus, every packet making its way through the Internet is regarded as an independent chunk of data with no links with any other data. In fact, these packets are in the end set in a proper order because of the TCP protocol and, as already ascertained, it is a procedure or protocol that is adjusted to linking. Furthermore, it keeps a trace of the chain of a packet contained by a specific message.

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The Internet Protocol address which is used most frequently now is IPv4. This happens to be the 4th version of IP. Although we must say that the 6th version (IPv6) has been gaining plenty of support lately. In fact, this IP version can access IP addresses that are considerably longer, thus giving the option of a larger number of Internet users. Also, this version, which is the latest one, includes the power of Version 4, so that any server that can support the packets of Version 6 can also support those of Version 4.


An IP address is an address which contains a 32-bit numeral that has the ability to identify the senders (and receivers) of information that is forwarded as packets on the Internet, and which is assigned to various devices, such as the computer, routers, mobile devices, and printers. There are two parts in every IP address: 1. an identifier of a specific Internet network, and 2. a device identifier on the network (which means a server or a work station). An IP address contains four numerals which are divided by periods or full stops. This is very important because typing the small letter L in the IP is wrong and most people are doing it – 192.168.l.1 and 192.168.l.0 looks the same as, but it is not the same. It will end up in an error. The numerals which form these kinds of addresses are called octets (due to the fact that there are 8 positions in a binary representation which contains 32 bits). Also, every position in a binary form is either in an on or an off (1 / 0) state, although here is a sum potential combining of 256 per octet numerals. So, with potential octets within one IP address, roughly 4.3 billion possible values are possible. Of these, there exist so called restricted addresses which are not used for IP addresses. An instance of this is, which is employed only for network broadcasting,, which is for default network addresses, as well as which is the so called loopback address used by clients or host computers.

A standard example of a customary home network uses an IP address that begins its sequence by means of the following line of number – 192.168. By and large, these addresses appear like these two – and It is important to know that the IP is made of numbers, not letters – so 192.168.l.1 and 192.168.l.0 is not a valid IP address although many users make this mistake.

There are two basic reasons why IP addresses are used: the first one is location addressing and the second one is network identifying. These addresses were initially created with the purpose of preventing the addresses of the IP version 4 from overload.


A public IP address is one which the Internet has access to. In fact, like mail addresses for delivering mail to our homes, an IP address which is public is the distinctive and one-only IP address which is allocated to a device. If you wish to find the public IP address which you are using, it is found at the page called ‘What is my IP Address.’


On the other hand, a private IP address, in our case, is for assigning to devices, that us, computers in our private space but without allowing them to be directly exposed to the Internet. To illustrate, in the case that there are multiple devices in our home, we perhaps would want to use these private addresses for each and every device at home. If this is the state of affairs, our router will have a public IP address, but all the devices, be they a PC, a smart phone, a tablet or a printer which are linked to the router (by way of Wi-Fi or wired) have private IP addresses from the router and by way of the DHCP protocol.

The organization which registers IP address ranges to ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and various organizations is called IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. In order to let organizations allocate private Internet Protocol addresses, the InterNIC (or the Network Information Center) earmarks specific blocks of addresses for private usage.

All in all, a private IP address entails the following: this is the specific address space which is assigned by the InterNIC center in order to let various organizations make their very own private networks. In fact, there are 3 blocks of IP which are reserved for private usage (these are 1 class A, followed by 1 class B, then 1 class C). Private IP addresses, as has already been mentioned, are most often allocated to PCs, smart phones, printers, and tablets in your home, and PCs used by organizations. Thereby, when a PC is allocated this address, the devices in our home can see this computer by way of its private Internet Protocol address. On the other hand, the devices which are located externally from the local network do not have the capacity for direct communication by way of the private IP address. Rather, they use the public IP address of the router for communication. In order to permit direct access for a device that is allocated a private IP address, it is necessary to use a NAT (or a Network Address Translator).

In conclusion, this kind of Internet Protocol address generally entails that a router cannot be connected in the case that this address is utilized externally (from the home network). It is called a private address due to the fact that it is created inside the router’s firmware (firmware is the kind of software which renders control, monitoring as well as data manipulation). Also, this address permits computer or device access to users by utilizing a browser on the computer by typing in the URL bar (and linked with the router which has a default IP

192.168.l.1 AND 192.168.l.0

Since it is a common mistake which can take you some time to figure out that you are typing the wrong one, we have to say this again – 192.168.l.1 and 192.168.l.0 is wrong, the correct is


The private Internet Protocol address ranges are the following:

As you can see the IP belongs to this IP address range. The address which is our topic – – happens to be a private address on the Internet Protocol. In fact, an address is regarded as private if it is within an address span which is reserved for private use. In fact, these addresses are typically employed on local networks which comprise of business LANs and schools. Thus, a device using a private IP address cannot connect directly with the Internet. Equally, a device which is located externally from the local network cannot link to a device by using a private address in a direct manner. Hence, these links must pass through a device (or, of course, a router) using NAT (short for Network Address Translation) that renders an additional level of safety to the local network. And finally, for the last time, always check if you are typing the IP correctly since 192.168.l.1 and 192.168.l.0 is not an IP address.

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  257. for Linksys

  258. Random lights are blinking

  259. move your modem or your LAN to a different subnet

  260. you can run ifconfig and check if you have an IP address

  261. How can I find out who is connected to my wireless router?

  262. I gave a fixed IP address of butI can’t ping

  263. reset router password without changing settings/get settings before reset

  264. no network connectivity

  265. how to configure the Linksys router

    • Turn Linksys off and on again

  266. the wireless signal is not strong enough to cover all house???how to fix it?

  267. you need different networks on router interfaces

  268. i can ping everything on the network from

  269. there was a DNS error, so check if it’s a DNS issue

  270. Where it says pass, you’d put your router’s password in.

  271. Disable IPv6 DHCP setting and change setting

  272. the router wouldn’t let me set the DNS servers

  273. Some routers don’t allow logging to the setup over wifi

  274. connection refused

  275. Unable to load local router default gateway

  276. Dynamic IP will definitely be the reason why it has changed

  277. how did the gateway got changed?

  278. when I reset the router still the same, any other approach ?

  279. you mean going to the TCP/IP settings of the active network connection?

  280. change the DNS entries on the computer

  281. are you using a secure WiFi encryption mode?

  282. ping not working

  283. changing the IP address seemed to resolve my issues

  284. What’s the model of the TP-Link device?

  285. make sure you are physically connected to one of the router’s LAN ports

  286. Every IP Address is accompanied with the subnet mask

  287. The IP address range has nothing in common with the speed of the link

  288. Check that the router provides a DHCP server

  289. see if you have a valid IP address from your ISP

  290. you can even see the router administration page

  291. reset the router a couple of times and try reconfiguring it

  292. why I can’t find my router’s wireless signal

  293. How you access (see) your ip address, by running ifconfig again?

  294. It is possible your ISP simply blocks the website

  295. my router summary shows different ip than what is shown on my PC

  296. ensure it didn’t get reset to factory

  297. IPv4Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway

  298. maybe your ISP close the internal access to the Modem

  299. If I’m accessing the router, there’s no internet available

  300. How can I access a certain PCs and not others?

  301. the username and password should be on the back of the device

  302. reset your device to factory defaults

  303. try to disable all proxy settings in your browser

  304. you must check that your computer’s ip is in the router’s range

  305. running the Easy Install software says that it cannot find the router

  306. Reset router to factory defaults

  307. Some admin panels are set to work over https only

  308. PC -> Router -> Modem -> Internet Chrome says that the request was rejected

  309. I disabled all adapters except the Wi-FI and re-enabled them

  310. what is your subnet mask?

  311. there is a problem with the PC rather than with the network

  312. Just plug your workstation into one of the LAN ports

  313. It’ll take you a few minutes to do the configuration

  314. Anyone knows if there is another address I can use?

  315. Alternately use the ipconfig command

  316. mac is cloned and I’m gonna lose if I reset it

  317. Are you using a cable?

  318. I try to change my mac and connect to network without router

  319. “Please disable and enable the network adapter for changes to take effect”

  320. connect your computer to ISP cable directly

  321. there are only two hosts alive

  322. I’ve seen networks where the router was .254 and the DHCP range started at 1

  323. is not an IP address available on the public internet

  324. Router has some memory problems

  325. have you done the other suggested checks (proxy/firewall and diagnostics)?

  326. Other username/password combinations???

  327. What’s the error you get?

    • Error: The IP address is not in the same subnet with LAN IP address

  328. ipconfig command is not running on my command prompt

    • I wants to see my ip address in command prompt only

  329. There should be a row that says IP Address…

  330. The IPConfig output could mean your PC already has a global IP address

  331. If it is not correct, use the ip listed as the default gateway instead

  332. make sure that the ip address is correct

  333. the ping works well

  334. I’m not able to access the modem

    • you’ll need to assign a static IP to your computer

  335. tried using admin for admin and password for password at but seem to have locked myself out

  336. I have router TP Link n900 and I cannot connect to my admin panel of the router

    • i have Tp-Link router model Tl-WR1043ND Ver 1.7 and everything works

  337. Is there another default address than for WRT54g routers?

  338. i also tried using a different browser and different computers but all without luck

  339. was working fine and was loading the Admin Panel,BUT now it’s not loading anything

  340. Do all routers use this number to identify themselves?

    • My NetGear has IP on LAN

  341. What can a person do if he knows my external IP address?

  342. Don’t worry if your server’s IP address changes

  343. By default, your NETGEAR router’s IP address is either

  344. change to an IP that is compatable

  345. i dont know what values to fill in when confiiguring my static ip.pls help

  346. You should be able to set up a manual address with Network Manager

  347. Using the number,, is actually an easy way to configure your router

  348. change the security key

  349. Once I change the router name and password is that information used to access the wireless connection ?

  350. One way to secure your network is to go ahead and factory reset the router and then change the password

  351. how got chosen as the “standard” default IP?

  352. Changing it to a Dynamic or Automatically Obtain IP should fix the issue.

  353. Is it possible to change the default IP of

  354. After setting the static IP Address on your computer, click OK then click Close

  355. just right-click anywhere in the command prompt window and select Paste

  356. always set to

    • Default Gateway for my Ethernet connection is listed as

  357. Can you describe ways to change your public IP address of your computer or router

  358. Restarting a Windows 7 system will also flush its DNS cache

    • It is not a problem with just Windows 7

  359. Click Start->Control Panel->select and double click Network and internet connections

  360. who can see my IP address

  361. you must have changed your settings within your control panel

  362. I have no idea why it just stopped working suddenly

  363. Sometimes, the IP address of the router is hidden behind a text based name.

  364. not all routers have that capability :/

    • The settings for each router are different

  365. take out those IP addresses you put in DNS

  366. que não funciona quando o digito no meu navegador e um login: “admin” e senha: “admin” …

  367. Router Password Admin

  368. nothing relevant to my specific error/issue

  369. You can try hitting the router from your web browser

  370. you would use a web browser and use this IP address to connect

  371. I’d like to set the base station

  372. ipconfig/all|find/i “gateway”

  373. when I enter this address I receive this error

  374. Just can’t get access to change the settings for security etc

  375. Do the same Wireless Security Settings as your Root Router

  376. any browser gives me a ‘can’t establish a connection to the server at

  377. view your router configuration page

  378. change associations and in addition set up new settings

  379. Select Advanced. Enter your Device. Select Connection Configuration.

  380. OpenDNS does not allow me to access my router settings

  381. you must first log into the modem with the default IP address

  382. You can alter organizations and setup new settings whenever you want

  383. Under settings/ LAN network is not enabled, Ican´t edit it

  384. This issue started after I logged in on the original RG setup page

  385. Click Setup Tool. Enter User Name and Password. Both are admin

  386. you did not previously changed the default Wi-Fi settings

  387. change these settings later to match your existing

  388. can be configured to operate on a different IP address from the default s

    • Find the recommended setting, that means that the mixer gets its IP

  389. Did you setup this modem in the beginning?

  390. “Reset to factory settings”

  391. its enough to modify the DHCP server settings when the IP address of the router was changed

  392. IP addresses will function again but you will loose all other setting

  393. Start the Chrome or IE, Firefox, start to send HTTP

    • Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome

  394. can not see the login page

    • Assign your computer with any IP address

  395. Luckily, I did enough setup for the router to be working!

  396. how to prepare the SD Card

  397. WAN network setup

  398. set up the TCP/IPv4 settings, it should be set to OPTAIN DNS settings

    • What are the correct settings to use for for DNS

  399. I’ve tried manually setting IP’s on all these devices

  400. There is a hidden reset button on every kind of wireless router

  401. Save in the upper right corner

  402. i am connected to the router and using firefox but still not working

  403. Logging sometimes through your Wi-Fi could be a little problematic with connection errors

  404. sometimes you might face a problem using this IP address code

  405. I looked at changing the modems IP address but it appears that can’t be done from the web interface.

    • Is there some setting in the router that is stopping the PC from acccessing the ip address.

  406. I go to my router’s website and type in exactly what I see and it’s wrong.

  407. Solution to router blocking / “connection reset” issues

  408. Is this a router problem and what would be the best router to replace this one with?

  409. Enabled. Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection: Media State…Media disconnected

  410. To connect to the router/gateway you should be connected to its WiFi or one of its Ethernet ports.

  411. Is there a way to change the default private network address of the 5031NV

    • you can change username, admin, password and privacy setting

  412. “connection timed out” every single time

  413. Customer Service Router Reset works for 1 or 2 hours, then fails

  414. i am using firefox but still not working

  415. how to change my password in my wifi

  416. what is the benefits of changing ip add?

  417. you kneed to be connected to the wifi

  418. i don’t have modem only ethernet cable

  419. if you connected to the wireless network but there’s no internet connection??what to do?

  420. This won’t do anything for you unless you have an existing internet connection

  421. What if I can get connected to the router, but I don’t have Internet Access?

    • you can try HTTP or HTTPS to access the router

  422. If that does not work then try to uninstall the wifi chip from device

  423. just one day it stopped working

  424. wireless key which is on the rear side of the modem to connect your devices

  425. there is a hardware connection problem

  426. Try putting your cable into another numbered spot if it not working

    • i use to always do this, how come it doesn’t work any more

  427. do you see where you exchanged

  428. Find the Wi-Fi network name and password on the side of your router

  429. If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi, run an Ethernet cable

  430. If your modem is in bridged mode, you will not be able to log in

    • You won’t need the bridge’s remote IP address assigned to it by the public network

  431. you have trouble connecting to your router with your web browser???

  432. If you can’t remember your user name or password, you must reset your router

  433. you can locate your SSID and password

    • If you have changed it, enter the new password instead

  434. You can check what the IP of your router

  435. Secure your wireless internet connection so others cannot abuse it

  436. l am looking for security for my wireless connection

  437. The IP address can change if the machine moves to another part of the network

    • suggest you to look into changing its “internal” interface IP address

  438. Note that the default password is the MAC address printed on the bottom of the router.

  439. IP address/password?

  440. I experienced the problem of not being able to display the web address of my router .

    • simply open your internet, connected to your router, if switch gets broken it can disrupt whole network

  441. you see many gateways with only 1 lan port

  442. It is just probably the way your modem is configured in the first place.

  443. turn off the wifi signal on your old modem/router

  444. it must takes you to your original DSL modem’s webpage

  445. how can I add a new IP login

    • If you’re asked to log in, enter your router username and password

  446. make sure you wire it properly

  447. I thought of getting a better router which simply has a longer range

    • WRT54g router

  448. But i don’t know what the Username and Password

  449. this is the default IP Address that you get with normally every ADSL Router

  450. Be sure that your router is joined with your link or DSL modem

  451. Type without quotes so is

  452. see this button on disabled status

  453. Changing your network name and password every few months

    • do not waste time

  454. you will have to reset the Switch to its factory default settings

  455. PLDT Home Ultera has different

  456. where to put the default password of modems

  457. type the default access of the router in the address bar

  458. You can assign a password to restrict login and printer access

  459. Because the default IP address for the modem router is

    • Original router was

  460. He told me not to change the default Wifi password

    • you can change password if u want

  461. Leave the password blank by default

  462. get an IP address automatically from the router

  463. record any password change

  464. device password and tap Log In

  465. entering the IP address of the D-Link router

  466. Type the IP address of your choice

  467. You can change this from the default

  468. It is necessary to specify settings in advance to use some functions of the machine

  469. Just like another commonly used private IP address

    • Look very carefully at the numbers you typed

  470. You are probably trying to access as admin

  471. Router Settings Page Firstly

  472. I didn’t changed the password but I can have access

  473. this is really annoying me, ive tried about 50 different passwords for this and none of them work

  474. only loading….and no connection…

  475. Am all ready tried default password …but its didn’t working

  476. this is a nightmare

  477. can somebody tell me how to reset it

    • check at the back of your router

  478. i cant set password

  479. Just try to press login without typing any password

  480. does anyone know the current default

  481. this solves the problem

  482. How to reset Motorola CPEi 300

  483. it works for me all the time

    • can u tell me how

  484. Which IP? the local LAN IP or

  485. I statically set the IP of the router, and I enable DMZ from the modem to the router

    • It happened to me too

  486. excellent work

  487. please suggest how to stop others from using my IP through wIfI

  488. what if I dont have the password

  489. my reset button is also broken

  490. the whole town is using my internet

  491. there supposed to be a box where you can type the new password and confirmation box isnt it

  492. it works thanks

  493. reset all the settings and config

  494. How do I not broadcast the name?

  495. is there a way my ISP had changed it

  496. I have tried that password and it didn’t worked

  497. I have the same setup as you

  498. l.l password change

    • Why did they change it?

  499. i can’t access to
    plssss! help me

    • me too., that password didn’t work

  500. Hi, I purchased an R36 USB router and a model AWUSO36H wireless USB adapter and cannot log into the web page to set up the system. any other web page or suggestions you would have to help??

  501. same problem as listed- tried using admin for admin and password for password at

  502. you must use the new one

  503. copy-paste the below given default username and password

  504. how can I change

  505. Change the Wireless Password or Network Name (SSID)

  506. Once you’ve restored your settings, you’ll need to use the original device

  507. Change BSNL broadband WiFi Router Password

  508. leave the Username field blank

  509. login information pls

    • Enter your Username (the default is admin)

  510. after i hard reset the router and do the quick setup

  511. you can customise this within the user interface

  512. set up a new strong password for the router

  513. I’ve reset the router multiple times, unplugged computer, modem, router and started it back up

  514. it will use its default IP

  515. change your router password from default to an in number and secure one

  516. The default password consists of 6 characters

  517. By default, NetComm modems have an IP of

  518. Default password of bsnl teracom modem gateway is not working

  519. change the default router admin password to keep your network secure

    • password could be too weak

  520. To change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to open your router’s configuration page

  521. changed it before

  522. username and password will be “admin” after resetting

  523. in chrome it says “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED”

  524. For help go to wired and wireless connection

  525. Once you’ve pressed Enter, you will be prompted for a username & a password

  526. no ADSL connection, no wireless???

  527. look at your wi-fi, perhaps it is out of work or you have chosen the wrong wireless network

  528. checking cable connections

  529. Reset the router to factory default settings (clear all settings)

  530. configure USB port

  531. Was fine for months but now I can’t connect

  532. Each Router Settings utilizes certain Wi-Fi frequency ranges called channels

    • inside your router settings, you are able to change the channel

  533. Insert the bundled AC adapter into this port and connect your router to a default IP address

  534. You just need to have a router in case you have more than one computer

  535. The radvd program can be used to set up an IPv6 router

  536. Because the default IP address for the modem router is

    • Are you sure your Modem/Router has a IP of

  537. Connect Directly to the Router with a network cable, disable wireless on laptop

  538. Unable to resolve error

  539. Use this mode to connect the local network

  540. l.l Admin Login Id Username and Passwords

  541. Most Linksys routers have the same default settings

  542. all router functions is done on my Archer C9 which uses that ip

  543. Using the number, is actually an easy way to configure your router

  544. type into the URL field at the top of the browser

  545. applying the settings

  546. LAN IP setup uses IP address and network mask

  547. If you reset your FlashRouter to default settings the router IP address will change to this

  548. The Asus RT-N66U has a web interface for configuration

  549. from l.l you will be able to setup the modem and set the proper Router Settings

  550. check the IP address in your operating system’s configuration

  551. Make sure your computer has TCP/IP Protocol setup as “Obtain IP address

  552. The reason you can’t connect it the routers IP address is not

  553. This IP is usually of the Linksys router setup

  554. NetComm modems have an IP of

  555. I have tried every way possible to get into router setting technical don’t have a clue

  556. you’ll find the Wi-Fi password on a label stuck to the router

  557. open the router management interface, in the pop-up login box, enter the router’s administrative account

  558. Try using a different laptop with an Ethernet cable to connect to the wireless router

  559. set up your modem and router combination

  560. I would try this: in cmd: “ipconfig /release” and then “ipconfig /renew”

  561. why can’t you hook up a cable to it with a laptop and see if that works?

  562. How would I recover my password?

  563. I want to change my user name and password

  564. username and password depends on the router that the IP address belongs to

  565. simply reset the router

  566. Log in with the IP address of the internal interface/bridge of the OpenWrt-device is

  567. enter into your browser’s

  568. Connect your computer to the router by cable

  569. You’ll need to log in to your dashboard with your user name and password

  570. Once you enter Login to your web browser you will get complete management panel to change settings of it

    • After accessing your management panel you can change the settings

  571. I want to configure my RVS4000 router

  572. Why doesn’t IP address for router login on my iPad?

  573. Try checking cable connections or change another cable to use

  574. Once you enter the admin, you’ll be able to set proxy, wireless function, MAC address, DNS, DHCP

  575. In case the router login is forgotten, you will to reset the router

  576. I’ve been trying for months and still I cant log- in

  577. When you log in for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new username and password

  578. If prompted for login information, enter admin for both the username

  579. need router’s default login information

  580. default passwords are not working for my router

  581. sign in directly to your local router at work or home

  582. Manual says to log in at, but I cannot seem to access that

  583. TP-LINK is a company that is fully committed to developing its products

  584. Login – Admin; In most of the home

  585. Enter your username and password

  586. I checked cables

  587. you will find them work with many routers like Linksys, TP-link, D-link…

  588. enter the router’s administrative account

  589. to connect to the Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to know the password

  590. N»e”¤²%!ö†L”2ikCµ

  591. Open the connection info and confirm the gateway

  592. is not the same as

  593. I have one pc – fw and gw at the same time (for ex Windows 2003

  594. Where is replaced with the IP of your server

  595. When i try to connect to it won’t either my connection droppes or it says can’t connect

  596. If ping succesfull, TOP PCB board of Wi-Fi FPV module is alive ping

  597. I have connected both computers (one PC and one MacBook Pro) with an ethernet cable.

  598. look through the list of devices connected

  599. to find that ip, visit your router page

  600. I honestly don’t know what a DNS is

  601. can I use a custom domain like myrouter.com

  602. port scan detected with remote IP

  603. you may need to purchase a wireless access point

  604. enter: “” and then the username and password

  605. typing Ctrl L then smb://

  606. I get a singularly unhelpful message “unable to connect”.

  607. Trying to reconfigure my Netcomm NB5 modem and forward some ports for BT.

  608. just enter into I.E. and it should open up

  609. is probably the IP address of your router.

  610. problèmes sont liés, comment faire pour accéder au ?

  611. The airGateway’s self assigned IP address is

  612. In about another 7 minutes the board stops receiving messages

  613. Hard rest using a paper clip doesn’t do it.

  614. installed the latest piratebox on MR3020

  615. could you please give my a simple procedure

  616. find log out button at gateway address

  617. my browser redirects me to /

  618. My computer is using 3. I use McAfee Internet

  619. DSL line is connected to a Netgear Wireless Router

  620. I have a lot of problems accessing the router

  621. Even contacting Linksys support has not helped

  622. I was able to login easily in the previous internetwork

  623. Yours will probably look like

  624. I am on Win 10 Home 64 bit, I noticed that I cannot reach my wi-fi router config page

  625. try Chrome and Internet Explorer

    • I attempt to access the router from Chrome or IE this doesn’t work

  626. I have a TL-wr1043nd router with Gargoyle pre-installed, but I can’t access it via

  627. All I get is timed out or page not found etc.

  628. my net is working perfectly now,tnx

  629. I tried so many times but i am not able to open

  630. It’s working but I can’t access router site

  631. I have another problem with same router

  632. IP of the device has to be

  633. How can I get the admin password for my router?

  634. I went to the page where it says to type in a username and password

  635. Login

  636. Everytime I type in the address, I receive a message “Internet Explorer Cannot Display. Webpage”

  637. Need help logging on to admin account

  638. A lot of people find it difficult locating the default router password for their wireless router

  639. going to get you to the default username and password for ip address

  640. I’ve tried different variations

  641. is the right ip according to the data you posted

  642. connection isn’t working because something else changed the proxy settings

  643. my ip default gateway number is which only opens a blank page

  644. Screen says it can’t display the page

  645. Are you having a problem with reaching the router login?/

  646. Router is working fine but I still access it to alter any settings

  647. the resetting did at least work partly

  648. the Linksys router isn’t adhering to some standard or protocol correctly

  649. Not working means the page won’t load

  650. Submit any pending changes before refreshing

  651. I can ping and I have internet access

  652. I can connect to the internet and browse any site

  653. check your router for the correct IP

  654. Double-click the Local Area Connection icon

  655. I had the same problem guys.

  656. Check to see if there is more than one Ethernet connection

  657. Linksys is now a division of Cisco

  658. How do I change default ip gateway

    • It’s easy enough to change an IP address on your PC using Control Panel

  659. What is

  660. You get to have Login Admin with this Address

  661. or ADSL modem

  662. Lynksys routers used this ip

  663. enter the IP address, you would have a full authorization on it

  664. username is admin with no password

  665. which password you’ve forgotten?

  666. Still can’t find your pass

  667. Look for your router’s default IP address in your router documentation.

  668. Create long, secure, random password

  669. It shows password of all Wifi networks you have connected Wifi only

  670. How to view someones IP address

  671. how to reset router password to factory settings???

  672. refreshing your IP address can have the same net result

  673. “restart” and “reboot” mean the same thing

  674. internet keeps disconnecting until I restart either my computer

  675. your router may have a larger underlying issue

  676. When the router has rebooted restart the PC

  677. connect to the router using only a wired connection and without the modem

  678. Only one device within a network can use any of the numbers

  679. configure your computer’s IP address manually

  680. Private IP addresses usually begin with 192.168….

  681. You lose one for the network address and one for the broadcast

  682. From what I can understand so far, it describes a range of IP.

  683. All of you explained it very detailed and perfect for me

  684. Reset the router

  685. check the documentation that came with your router

  686. choose WPA2 encryption

  687. set up password protection

  688. Do I need a different number for Wii connect?

  689. i am not able 2 open,it says error 404

  690. I want to change wifi password. But I don’t know who to change

  691. may i know the ranges of public ip address

  692. it should be possible look in your router’s setting

  693. you can change it by the router settings

  694. tried IP with other (Encore) Router

  695. than ‘’ has no significance

  696. All IP addresses are 4 bytes

  697. “DNS_PROBE_NOT_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG”. Am getting this error message while am browsing internet.