is an IP address which will allow you to enter your ADSL modem’s management panel. Quite often people use 192.168.l.l which may cause some login problems, but we will explain more in the following paragraphs. To make it possible for the router to be managed without difficulty, global producer companies which make modems load software which is updated to this address. Except for primary router configuration, this IP address ( is also used for troubleshooting issues with network connectivity by Linksys network devices. By means of the software, users are able to modify essential settings as well as configure the latest settings via the management panel when connection difficulties occur. Also, this address is the default address which Linksys (now a sector of Cisco, Inc.) routers usually use. This address is not limited to Linksys; in fact, many other key manufacturers of routers utilize a variety of default addresses in the purpose of configuring small or home business routers.

What is the meaning and importance of an IP address?

The term Internet Protocol Address (better known under the acronym IP) is a sequence of numbers (called octets as they take up 8 positions in the binary form which consists of 32 bits) which is allocated to various devices (usually a computer, router, printer, as well as mobile devices) which connect to computer networks that have to use Internet Protocol (which is most frequent in home/small business environments). This address is used for 2 reasons: for location addressing as well as for network identifying. The positions of the numbers in the binary representation could be in the form of on (1) or off (0) with a sum grouping of numbers (256 for an octet). There are more than 4.2 billion likely values with 4 potential octets within one IP address. From these, some are addresses are considered to be restricted and they cannot be made use of as IP addresses.

What is the work principle of private IPs?

The aforementioned address is a so called private IP address (a private IP address means that it is within an address range which is kept for private usage by the Internet Standards Group). These addresses are usually used on local computer networks which include school as well as business local area networks (LANs). In fact, a device or a computer which uses one of these addresses cannot be directly connected to the Internet. Equally, a device or a computer which is not part of the local networking system cannot be linked to a computer which uses this address directly so these links need to pass through a device such as a router which implements Network Address Translation (NAT) that represents an additional local network security layer.

The ranges of the private addresses are the following:

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to
  • From to

The Importance of a Default IP Address

This address,, is recognized as the default IP address generally used on private networks by Linksys routers. Also, other computers which are linked to private networks can use it, or in other words, Linksys doesn’t have exclusive rights to this IP address. In fact, the main purpose of this default Linksys router IP is to offer an address to the user/network administrator in order to establish a link with the router and carry out network admin functions or a specific configuration.


How can we use the IP address

Entering this IP address entails complete authorization over it. Subsequent to the accessing of the management panel, the configurations and settings provided by the router software can be changed. After the accessing occurs, the adjustments that can be changed are Security Options, IP QoS Network Management, LAN, DNS, proxy, DSL, WAN, WLAN settings, MAC, ADSL, and WPS block. This enables us to use the Internet without any difficulty not just within the location of the modem, but also at school, in the workplace, at home, or any other place.

How can you log in to this IP address?

Click Here

To reach the router’s user interface, all we need to do is type in the IP address by hand or copy paste it into the browser. A quite common mistake most users make is that they type 192.168.l.l instead of In addition, the user interface can be accessed by clicking on the link above. Once the user interface has been accessed, the incorrect password is the most frequent problem which many users experience. This happens due to the fact that a number of users forget or misplace their passwords. In the case there is a dilemma about the user name/password for the modem, please see below.

How is the problem of forgetting the user name/password of the modem solved?

In order to access the modem in the case that the user name/password are unknown, what needs to be is done is to reset the modem to the factory settings. This is done by pressing the concealed reset button on the modem (and every device has one of these). When the device is working, use a toothpick and hold the button down for 20 seconds, in this way resetting the device to the original factory settings – the default IP will be (remember it’s not 192.168.l.l), as well as the default username and password which can be found in the owner’s manual. During this process, the Internet connection will be interrupted as the existing Internet settings are being reset. Note: It is advisable to get help from a professional.