How To Setup Your Netgear Wireless Router

What kind of company is NETGEAR?

NETGEAR is a network US-based firm which happens to be a global company dealing with the delivering of various products to service providers, but also to other businesses, and  of course, consumers. The firm does business in as many as three trade divisions: commercial, providing services, and in the retail sector.

What is interesting about this global firm is that its products are assembled on the basis of a range of established technologies. These are technologies which are wireless (as for example LTE and WiFi), Ethernet and also powerline. It is a common denominator for these technologies that they are reliable as well as relatively easy for customer to use. Thus, it can be said that the product line of this firm consists of both wired as well as wireless devices that have the aim and purpose of making network connectivity possible, as well as networking and broadband access. In fact, these particular parts of electronic equipment can be created in the form of several configurations with the intention of meeting the specific needs of customers in each geographic region where there is a market for the products of this particular global company. Thereby, NETGEAR products have found their place on the global market and they can be found in approximately 28,000 retail stores in the entire world, as well as in about 31,000 VARs (or value-added resellers), and a multitude of major cable service providers, as well as mobile and wireline everywhere on the planet. The company’s HQ is in San Jose, California, the US, while it has many other offices (in 25 additional countries).


What exactly is a wireless router?

A router is a device which provides access to the web. There are two types of internet routers which exist now: wireless and wired. Thus, when people talk about internet access, they are talking about a particular sort of router and not a certain package or broadband connection (the exceptions to this are 3G/4G links). So when we sign up in the aim of getting a specific broadband link, we will no longer get a wired model from the ISP (or Internet Service Provider) but rather, a wireless one. The reason for this is due to the fact that wired routes are becoming obsolete and are nowadays used only by people who want to reach the internet by way of an Ethernet cable. Also, routers are used for making calls by using the internet and for accessing digital TV by using products like Amazon’s Firestick, Apple TV, and Google’s Chromecast.

So what is the working method of a router?

What you need to do is connect the phone line into the router and immediately data will start being sent through the line. In turn, this is transformed into radio signals that are subsequently taken up by devices which have Wi–Fi capacity, such as computers or PCs, smart phones, tablets, as well as consoles for games.

How do devices connect to a Wi–Fi router?

In order to be connected to a wireless router, the user shall be prompted and she or he must enter a unique password on the devices being used. The password is typically rendered by the Internet Service Provider and usually it is located on the bottom side of the router itself. The password is as a rule a sequence of numbers or numerical symbols and letters, and it is intended to render sound security in order to protect the network from hacking or in other words, from illegal use by unauthorized persons.

So how can we set up a Netgear wireless router?

Netgear routers are noted for their heightened security and reliability, and are a very good way to connect all kinds of devices (such as laptops, tablets, and computers) to the Internet as well as to one other (and minus all the troublesome wires!).

The steps for the set up of specific routers can differ, but we are including the instructions for those setting up Netgear routers:

Step 1: First, open the browser which you prefer and then type in the Internet Protocol (or IP) address in the address bar (this can be or else or even After that, hit the Enter button. What will happen is that the Login prompt will demand the user name as well as password from the router’s configuration. In this case, please note that the default username is admin, with the default password being password.

Step 2: Next, find the Setup Wizard which is located in the left top corner. Then proceed to choose Yes, clicking Next after that.

Step 3: Take note that the Setup Wizard option will find the sort of internet connection being used. In the case of cable Internet links, the Wizard will find a Dynamic Internet Protocol. What you need to do then is continue on by clicking Next.

Step 4: It is important to be aware that the default settings do not need to be altered.

Step 5: The router will save the setting and when this process is completed, one needs to check if there is a connection with the Internet by going to Router Status and then the Maintenance Menu.

Step 6: The last step is the following one – you need to ensure that the IP address on the Internet port (allocated by the provider) is an applicable one – in other words, that it is not and certainly not blank).