How To Setup a Linksys Wireless Router

Are you trying to configure your new Linksys router in your home? You will want to ensure that you configure it in the correct manner to stop unwanted users and safeguard your personal information. Setting your router and running it takes only a few minutes.

This guide will help you set up your Linksys wireless router.

Accessing the setup menu

  • Connect using the internet

When you start to configure your router, connect it to your PC through an Ethernet cable. This will make sure that you remain connected even if there are changes on the wireless network. Launch a browser and feed in the address of your router into the address bar.

Generally, all the Linksys routers can be accessed through the address Therefore, if you can’t access the router from the browser, perhaps the web management may be switched off. If this is the case hold and press the reset button on your router to factory reset it.

Linksys Wireless Router

  • Enter your username and password

When accessing your router via the web, you will have to provide your username and password of your router. However, routers vary a lot. However, information about defaults should be listed in the documentation.

If it’s not available, you can factory reset your router and then check the model of the router on the web. Many default usernames are ‘’admin’’ and password may be blank or have the same values as the username.

  • Use configuration software

The latest version of Linksys routers feature an installation disk that can install a configuration software. This let you adjust the settings without using the internet. You don’t have to use your username or password.

Once you launch the configuration program, the menu will be similar to that of the browser.

Setting up the wireless network

  • Click on the wireless lab

When you open the setup utility, you will be directed to the Basic Setup page. You can choose to adjust the settings or not, but it’s really not necessary, the default settings are just okay, unless you are directed otherwise by your ISP.

Once you click the wireless tab, you will be directed to the Basic Wireless Settings section. On this page, you will be allowed to create your wireless network and secure it. It is also crucial to adjust the default settings for security purposes.

  • Name your network

In the ‘’ Basic Wireless Settings’’ page, there is a field that is named ‘’ Wireless Network Name. This is the initial name of your device and it will appear that way on other wireless devices. Ensure that you don’t share any vital information as someone can see it.

You can let the Channel and the Network Mode in default, unless directed otherwise by your ISP.

  • Switch on the broadcast

Click on the part written ‘’ Enable’’ to activate the ‘’ Wireless SSID Broadcast’’. This will in turn, switch on the wireless network and it can now be discovered. Once you finish, click on the ‘’ Save Settings’’ button.

  • Secure your network

Click on the ‘’ Wireless Security’’ part to open the security options. Once it’s opened, you will be able to set the password as well as the security encryption.

  • Security mode

 Set the security mode to WPA2 if you want to. This is the latest code for encryption and a secure way to safeguard your network. However, certain devices don’t support WPA2. If your printer or other devices are not compatible with the mode, switch to WEP or WPA.

  • Passphrase

This is the code that other users will have to enter if they wish to access your network. Ensure that you create a very strong password that other people cannot easily hack.

  • Save your settings

Save all the changes you have made once you are done. The router will apply all the new changes and reboot, and it will be active and secure.

Forward ports

  • ‘’Applications and Gaming’’

If you have software that require access to particular ports, you will have to open them through the configuration of your router.

To open the ports, you need to know the IP address for the device that run the program.

The next thing you need to do is to enter the port forwarding details. Enter the information on the ‘’Port Range Forwarding’’ part of the Application and Gaming tab.

In the Application space, type the name of the application. You can type whatever you want, because this is only for your reference.

  • Choose the start and ending port

Ensure that you only type in a port if you are instructed to by the application. Open ports are extremely delicate and they can risk your network. However, if you want to open one port, type in the same port in the ‘’Start’’ and ‘’End’’ spaces.

43 thoughts on “How To Setup a Linksys Wireless Router”

  1. Hi, I am trying to install a Linksys router[wireless]. It’s not new, business couldn’t use it, was not big enough. I’m not real good at this, could use any help getting started. For instance do I use there password & username or use manufacters username & password ? Then when I have tried won’t take the pin number ? Help ?

  2. When I type in the IP address for my linksys router I am not shown the log in page for it and don’t know how to access it please explain?

  3. I’m more than satisfied with this router. The setup process was quite simple. Even though I am a beginner everything was easy to follow and the router configuration went well.

    • Hi Adam,

      The default username and password for BSNL routers are both “admin”. If this doesn’t help you can reset the router back to factory settings and then try the default login details. However, you have to be aware that this will erase all your previous settings like SSID, wireless password and so on.


    • Hi Peter,

      ThinkPad T61 has a wireless radio switch you can use to disable and enable wireless internet according to your needs. You can also try pressing the following key combination (Fn+F5) to do the same thing.


  4. Hi, the problem is that my Linksys router (WRT54gs) works perfectly when it’s connected to my laptop with an Ethernet cable. The Wi-Fi signal is strong, but I can’t browse anything. When I disable security (WEP), it works perfectly. I want to have my Wi-Fi secured so I hope you can help me.

    • Hi Ryan ,

      There are several things you can try. First restart the router and see if it’ll fix the problem. If it doesn’t login to the router settings and change from WEP to WPA2. It is far more secure than WEP encryption,

      Try these two first and please let me know if the problem is still present.


  5. I have Windows 7 installed on my PC and in the last few days my internet connection won’t work despite the icon showing that it is connected. I can’t browse anything. I have tried everything I could remember like trying another browsers and similar. A friend told me that maybe I have a virus on my PC. I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Here are some things you should try:

      – disable your antivirus and see if you can browse something online.

      – If this didn’t fix the problem, make sure that proxy is not selected. Here is how to do it: Launch IE, right click on the icon and select Properties. Then under Connections check the LAN settings. Make sure all the options there are not checked.

      – Alternatively, open the Command prompt and type the following command – “netsh int ip reset resetlog”. After you hit enter type the next command “netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt”. Restart the computer and make sure to start the Command prompt as an admin before you use these commands.


  6. Hi admin, I hope you can help me. I have troubles connecting my laptop to my Wi-Fi. All other devices connect without problems, except my laptop.

    • Hi Daniel,

      I would recommend uninstalling the Wi-Fi driver from the device manager and then installing it again. I am pretty sure this will fix the problem.


  7. Hi Admin,

    I am having a lots of problems while ive been trying to connected new Linksys wifi router and windows 7 on my PC. With old router i didnt have any problem. I would like if anyone have some step by step instruction how to solve this problem.

    • Hi Endru,

      If you used Microsoft Broadband Network Utility that could be make some difficulties with connection because its programmed only for Microsoft products. We suggest you to uninstall the utility for temporarily.


  8. Hi admin.

    I have a problem I can’t figure out so any help would be great. My router IP is

    When I type in the router IP in the URL bar, I get the “Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage” error.

    The router web-page utility won’t open.

    Any ideas?

    • Hi, I’ll be glad to help. First of all, make sure is the right router IP. You can use the command prompt and the ipconfig command to do this. Also, make sure you are not typing the letter “l” instead of the number “1”.

      Another solution would be to disconnect your router from the power source for about 30 seconds and then plug it in back again. After the router boots up again you should be able to connect to the admin page.

      Additionally, you can check the connections between the router and the PC and see whether everything is properly connected. Please let me know if this has helped.


  9. I have had a chance to test several different routers. I wanted to create an access point on the 2nd floor of my house. The signal is excellent. It covers my entire home and even goes outside

  10. Setting up this router was a breeze. It can work on the 5GHZ band and if you want to feel the benefits of this you have to have newer devices that support this band. I can say that I am very pleased with the purchase.

  11. Finally, a perfect router by Linksys. I was looking for a wireless router which can give me a strong signal all over my house and this one works flawlessly. The setup was a piece of cake thanks to the setup software. All my devices are now connected to my Wi-Fi network and I have no problems with any of them. I certainly hope it will work fine for the next few years.

  12. I can say that I’m very satisfied with this router. Compared to my previous router it has perfect coverage, ideal for my house. . A significant speed improvement is visible and the entire house is covered with wireless signal. Although the package indicated it was meant for smaller homes it appeared to be more than enough for me. The setup process was straightforward and quite easy. Everything was set up in a few minutes. I was afraid that the baby monitors we use would interfere but luckily I was wrong. There are alos several other devices connected to the network and everything works perfectly. I’m very satisfied with the purchase and I ‘m really glad I got rid of the old router.

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, they are and they will simply boost your password strength if you add some of them. Fell free to try it and make sure to write down the password. Just in case.


  13. Hi, I was reading about Network Security a little and you don’t mention the option to hide the SSID as a security measure. I think you should include it.

    • Hi Daniel,

      We think that hiding the SSID will cause you more problems when you want to connect a new device to the network. Also if someone wants to find your SSID he or she will find it. There are tools for that. So, it is better to apply all the steps from above and have a visible SSID, than leave your network open and hide the SSID. Thanks!


  14. I typed in the 192. 168. 0. 1 it worked at First then my internet shut off I try to log on now and the 192.168 0. 1 won’t be accepted now it says it’s been changed or possibly on a different Channel I am not too sure where to go from here I didn’t complete my set up the first time that I was able to log on and now it won’t allow me to log on now at all he keeps telling me it needs the wsp numbers or something to that

  15. I’m trying to connect my computer to wifi router. In the router settings i don’t know password and username.

    I tried username: admin and pass: password, but it doesn’t work. Can you help me how to find login details?

  16. Hi admin,

    I own a Linksys router. Previously I was able to access the router using, but now nothing happens.

    I hope you can help me with this since I am out of ideas.


    • Hi Brian,

      It would be wise to check if is the actual router IP. You can check this using the Command Prompt and typing “ipconfig” (without quotes).

      Scroll down and check the numbers next to Default gateway. Sometimes the default router IP may be or something else, although in most cases linksys uses as a default one.

  17. Hi, I have recently purchased a Linksys router and in order to make the wireless signal available equally all over my home I plan to place it in a closet which is approximately in the center of my flat. The flat is not too big, but I would like to know whether the closet would affect the wireless signal. It’s all new to me. I would appreciate your help.

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